I Tried This Free Vegan Snack Subscription Box. Here’s How It Went.

The Penny Pincher

While being Vegan may be good for your health, the environment and your karma, it certainly isn’t good for your wallet. Any Vegan can tell you that.

It seems like what many people struggle with is finding tasty and nutritious vegan snacks at a reasonable price.

Looking for a solution to the costs of a Vegan diet, my friend suggested I try a free UrthBox Vegan subscription box – and it. Was. Awesome!

What Is Urthbox?

Urthbox is a San Francisco start-up that curates monthly subscription boxes stuffed with Non-GMO, Organic and All Natural full-sized snacks – that’s right, full-sized snacks. None of those tiny one and done crap some subscription boxes try to pull.

Besides being recommend by a Vegan friend, Urthbox has also been featured on TechCrunch and StyleCartel so I knew they were fully legit.

There are four options (in four different sizes) available on their site:

Urthbox claims to “help you discover safe, healthy and natural products from trustworthy brands… that undergo expert ingredient, source, calorie, nutrition and manufacturing reviews”

I’ve been burnt by bad subscription boxes before so it was awesome to see that Urthbox will give you for first box for free (plus S&H). Being able to try before committing gets a big thumbs up from me.

What I Got And What It Was Worth

When my Urthbox came in the mail, I was super excited. The best part about subscription boxes is that feeling of unpacking surprise after surprise, just like unwrapping Christmas presents.

The box itself was fully recyclable (I didn’t expect anything less) and way bigger than I was expecting. I ordered the small and there was a crazy amount of food inside – very impressive!

The contents inside delivered too! Here’s what I got:

And honestly, it was delicious! My favorites pieces were the ReGrained IPA bar (a bar made from reused brewery grain) and the Ginger Chews. The variety was great too, no more Vegan chips every night.

My only gripe is that the box was packed a little too tight so the chips were kind of flat and squashed. Not a deal breaker but still…

I also did some quick math to figure out how much I would have paid from my local organic supermarket. It came out to almost $40 worth of healthy snacks. Not bad for a free box.

Should You Try It?

If you’re sick of paying through the nose for healthy Vegan snacks or need some more variety in your diet, absolutely. And ever since I subscribed my wallet has been thanking me. No more spending $60+ a month on snacks!

So here’s the deal. The first box is free (besides shipping and handling). After that, you can score a monthly box delivered for as little at $14.99 a month. I’d recommend stepping it up to the medium box every month if you love food or are a constant snacker.

I heard that this first box free deal won’t be around too much longer though. If you’re ready to sign up, head over to Urthbox and check it out!


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