This Is How To Afford A Ton Of Dirt Cheap Sports Tickets

Image: ZTHomes

I’m a self-admitted sports nut. With NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL teams all near by, I’m always heading to a game.

But one thing has been annoying me recently – ridiculous so called “convinence fees”.

Looking for a way to stop getting ripped off, I tried an app that promises a completely fee-free experience – TickPick

Why Convenience Fees Are Suck

I don’t mind ticket fees. After all, venues and teams need to make money.

What’s wrong with convenience fees is when they’re 25%+ of the ticket value. See this guy for example who paid $43 in fees on a $110 order.

These fees are a pure rip-off and everybody knows it.

There has to be a better way.

How Much Can You Save?

The best way to test if not having fees saves money is to compare prices.

I decided to compare similar game tickets between Ticketmaster and TickPick. Ticketmaster is the default option for fans so it’s a good baseline.

1) MLB

Ticketmaster TickPick

Ticketmaster = $41.10
TickPick = $21.00

Tickpick is $20.10 (49%) cheaper

2) NFL

Ticketmaster TickPick

Ticketmaster = $188.25
TickPick = $161.00

Tickpick is $27.25 (14%) cheaper

Final Thoughts

Through this comparison (and my own experiences), it is clear that TickPick is the better choice.

Yes, you are getting resale tickets. TickPick has a generous guarantee policy for all tickets so you’re covered in the unlikely event the tickets don’t work. I’ve used TickPick 7 times already with no issue. Plus being able to scan directly from my phone is a major win!

To see how much you could save this season, try TickPick next time you’re buying tickets.


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