Cut Your Most Expensive Monthly Bills Using These 5 Apps

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You might have a gnawing feeling in the back of your head that you are overpaying for certain bills including cable, internet, and your cell phone service, but the thought of actually doing anything about is just too overwhelming.

Enter a host of new apps and services that promise to do the work for you. Here, we’ve rounded up the best ways to use these services to save real money on a big range of your bills. You can thank us later when you end up saving hundreds of dollars a month.

Lower Your Outrageously High Cell Phone Bill

Billshark takes a human approach to lowering your bills. Using their app, Billshark users take pictures of their bills, upload them, send the photos to Billshark who will then take on negotiating them down. The app is able to work on wireless internet, cable TV, home security, satellite TV, and satellite radio, but they’ve had a lot of success with big cell phone providers in particular like Sprint and AT&T.

The company claims it can lower your bills by as much as 25%, and that they have an 85% rate success rate. It is free to sign up, too (you only pay if they save you money on your bills).

Take a bite out of your cell phone bill with Billshark right away

Cut Your Internet Bill By Hundreds Of Dollars A Year

Consider BillFixers the pushy friend you always wish you had. The New York Times watched BillFixers at work, and only saw one rep fail negotiating down customers’ bills. There are no upfront fees, and the company is only paid if they are successful. Cable companies, as we all know, are particularly hard to deal with on the phone, so why not outsource it to BillFixers who boast oa 95% success rate. If they are successful, people pay 50% of the amount they save, either all at once, or over the course of a year.

Get started using BillFixers, and see how much they can lower your cable bills! 

Cancel The Gym Membership You Never Use

Truebill is specifically focused on eliminating subscriptions you are no longer using. Link your credit card account to TrueBill’s website, and receive an email with the services you are paying for. Find something on that list you no longer want (say, a gym membership you haven’t used in years)? Then request Truebill cancel it for you. Seriously, there is truly no better way to cancel a gym membership, which, if you’ve ever tried to do it before, is really tough. Truebill will even send a certified letter on your behalf to your gym to get this done for you. And it’s completely free.

Sign up to try out Truebill for free right now

Get Rid Of All The Streaming Services You Never Watch

Trim looks at your bank statements to hone in on recurring payments you are making to websites, like streaming services, to allow you to easily assess and cancel what you don’t want. It is completely free to sign up and it takes just a few minutes. Bet your forgot that you signed up for a Hulu free trial and are now paying monthly for it. With Trim, getting out of it couldn’t be easier.

Get rid of subscriptions you don’t want with Trim now

Negotiate Down Your Credit Card Interest Rate (Yes, It Can Be Done)

Status Money works a little bit differently than the services above in that it doesn’t work to cut your bills for you, but it does help you identify where you might be overpaying for something.  The app allows you to compare your finances to people in your age bracket so you can get valuable insights, like if your credit card interest rate is much higher than everyone else. Most people don’t realize that they can get on the phone with their credit card company and actually negotiate their interest rate, which makes this knowledge so powerful.

Figure out if your credit card interest rate is too high with Status Money

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