This Airline Is Offering $69 Flights To Europe This Fall

The Penny Pincher

Not ready to let the Summer travel bug go quite yet?

Thanks to some crazy competition on European flight routes (good for us, bad for airlines), WOW Air is offering flights from 6 American cities to Europe starting at just $69.

Let’s start with the good news: it’s cheap. Like crazy cheap. And pretty accessible if you live on the east coast. The bad news? You’re not getting any extras on your flight. If you’re somebody who (really) values creature comforts while flying, best to look elsewhere.

Where Can You Fly?

These are the routes currently offered by WOW Air:

Boston to Berlin: $69
Boston to Brussels: $69
Boston to Copenhagen: $69
Boston to Dublin: $69
Boston to Edinburgh: $69
Boston to London: $69
Boston to Paris: $69
Boston to Stockholm: $69

Los Angeles to Berlin: $69
Los Angeles to Brussels: $69
Los Angeles to Copenhagen: $69
Los Angeles to Dublin: $69
Los Angeles to Edinburgh: $69
Los Angeles to London: $69
Los Angeles to Paris: $69
Los Angeles to Stockholm: $69

Miami to Berlin: $69
Miami to Copenhagen: $69
Miami to Dublin: $69
Miami to Edinburgh: $69
Miami to London: $69
Miami to Paris: $69
Miami to Stockholm: $69

Pittsburgh to Berlin: $69
Pittsburgh to Brussels: $69
Pittsburgh to Copenhagen: $69
Pittsburgh to Dublin: $69
Pittsburgh to Edinburgh: $69
Pittsburgh to London: $69
Pittsburgh to Paris: $69

San Francisco to Berlin: $69
San Francisco to Brussels: $69
San Francisco to Copenhagen: $69
San Francisco to Dublin: $69
San Francisco to Edinburgh: $69
San Francisco to London: $69
San Francisco to Paris: $69
San Francisco to Stockholm: $69

Washington, D.C. to Berlin: $69
Washington, D.C. to Brussels: $69
Washington, D.C. to Copenhagen: $69
Washington, D.C. to Edinburgh: $69
Washington, D.C. to London: $69
Washington, D.C. to Paris: $69
Washington, D.C. to Stockholm: $69

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